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Big Cat

Collins Big Cat titles are designed to make reading fun. They range from early phonics and letters-and-sounds texts to more challenging fiction and non-fiction for older readers.

One Potato cover.jpg

A simple rhyming story about a potato who does not want to be eaten! He rolls out of the kitchen and into the garden, with the farmer's wife chasing after him.

Illustrator: Andy Rowland

ISBN: 9780007591022

Age: 3+

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One Potato p4.jpg
One Potato p19.jpg
Clem's Smile cover.jpg

Another silly rhyming tale of a little crocodile who refuses to go to the dentist.

Illustrator: Simona Meisser

ISBN: 9780007461882

Age: 3+

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Clementine p2.jpg
Clementine p8.jpg
Clementine p14.jpg
Noisy Neesha cover.jpg

Mr Hare is being driven crazy by all the noise coming from his upstairs neighbours. Will he forgive noisy Neesha if she invites him to a party?

Illustrator: Sarah Jennings

ISBN: 9780008251741

Age: 3+

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Neesha p6.jpg
Neesha p8.jpg
Neesha p7.jpg
Mairi's Motorbike trousers copy 2.jpg

Mairi Chisholm was 18 when the First World War began. Instead of staying safe at home like most girls her age, she wanted to help! This is the true story of an amazing nurse who rescued wounded soldiers from the front lines and was an expert driver and mechanic.

Illustrator: Eugene Smith

ISBN: 9780008424596

Age: 8+

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Mairi 2.jpg
Mairi and Elsie 3.jpg
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